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Cress - Marissa Meyer

Abandoned at 30%


I'm trying and trying and trying to figure out how come I was so fucking fascinated with Cinder, and how did I even get through Scarlet?

These characters are so lackluster, the setting has no meaning, there is no atmosphere, and politics? Fuck politics, we'll have stupid decisions and idiotic emperors and angst instead. But I love Cyborgs and I loved Cinder, as a character and she wasn't so bad in this one as well. But hear me out:

Each bloody character falls into either of the two groups: Bad or Good. Misunderstood, misheard, failed system, manipulated! Even Thorne and Wolf are just. such. nice. guys. This is where the book Cinder beat the next two installments because the step-mother wasn't really bad from every perspective. And the bad characters. Evilllllllllllll. Can we have any other development besides their fucking evilosity? No no no!!!!!!!

The worst is I had so many expectations, and now I don't give a rat's ass.

There were so many inconsistencies and things I couldn't wrap my head around. Like, Thorne says to Cress that they better hurry or they'd be eaten alive by vultures. Excuse me, I'm thinking mutant vultures but why wouldn't you say so? Thorne and Cress make ropes of Cress's shorn off locks. Terribly inconvenient is what I think. Cinder lands in the middle of a no-name African town/village, and kids converse amongst themselves in English. Could be I'm narrow-minded or Cinder was automatically translating.

The first two books had more than their fair amount of faults and mistakes and, in all propriety, I should've rated them 3.5 and 2.5 respectively, but the fun they provided trumped everything. Not in Cress's case.

So yeah, no can do. I don't want to be the black sheep because I used to be in love with the series, the spin on fairytales and cyborg princesses, but at the moment, I have buttload of ARC's, exams tomorrow and other upcoming books. For now, I'm abandoning it. I'll probably pick it up and finish it, maybe even read Winter when it comes out, but for now, goodbye book.

[But I really do want to finish the story if the cyborg-princesses. Because a) it was so fun, fun, fun and b) I don't come across many cyborg princesses.]

Minority opinion, mine. Everybody and their bastard niece they're gonna kill loves this book, so take this review with a grain of salt.