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After Eden

After Eden - Helen  Douglas Know of those slide arts? Or whatever they are?The paintings that are collections of differently ambient layers of drawing that, individually, are distinct but bring them together they either create a breathtaking piece of art or just a randomly put together piece of crap.[b:After Eden|11485807|After Eden (Fallen Angels, #1)|Katherine Pine|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1322807226s/11485807.jpg|16103642]'s made up of many levels of layers and falls in between, leaning towards the side of crap.Level 1:The lowest, the one that only provides a slight background to the whole scene since so many have been stacked on top of it, is the characterization.It's so faded out and commonplace to be almost not there.The MC, whats-her-face-oops-its-Eden, is blank as an unused slate, impressionable as a cheap slate, as well as being unique and dumb as one, too. Because slates are dumb, considering they are inanimate and all. And their rarity validates no argument. But she did keep me entertained with her crackpot comments.Nothing pretentious or phony about his book collection.That's 'cause all the books were well thumbed. Hmmmm.... I'm so pretentious and I bet most of you readers out there are as well.Einstein was supposed to be pretty smart.Such an astute observation.I didn’t think there were any planets outside of our solar system.This girl supposedly saves the future of earth. Luck be a lady tonight."It’s been said that I’m hard to impress." She says."Along with beautiful, smart and completely unshockable." He says.Shame on you if you haven't been impressed by her hilariousness already!The love interest is the future boy, Ryan, whose name I only remember b/c his real one is the name of the only constellation of stars I can spot in the night sky. He and his condescension. Boyeeeeee...It wasn't like he specifically came out and said something offensive. And it's the way with 'em all. Wolf boys, vamp boys, spy boys, grrr... And their families, as well. Continually complementing the protagonist on her levelheadedness in such out-of-the-norm situations.Dude, we live in the era of art, where people eat each other on TV, set up vampirical socities and dammit, we survive Lady Gaga one day at a time.I don't think your sparkly and porcupiny skin and nails that emit snot impress anyone in this century anymore. WE HAVE SEEN IT ALL! Besides, their romance has no chemistry. One second they are playing three questions- blink three weeks pass- and they're exchanging love declarations. I actually wish the author had made it into an insta-love. This seemingly months-long and developed romance is just boring and unrealistic. And yes I do now how that sounds.Level 2: Le writing. It's simplistic. Not the kind that makes you adore and love it because it's just so complex and exotic in its minimalism and mundaneness, a la [a:Sara Zarr|19093|Sara Zarr|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1302718823p2/19093.jpg]. It's plain and unexciting, 'nuff said.Tthere are words and phrases of chapters. It's like the author wrote one chapter on a particular day/week and prior to that decided on a phrase or a word that is reiterated throughout the chapter.Then, the repeated conversations. I think the words explain it all.Level 3: The most bothersome aspect of this novel, the sci-fi part.Remember those classic sci-fi shows and movies? The ones with crappy visual and special effects that we love all the same? That's what this book employs.The imagery inter-dimensional spaceship literally reads like that. Like, an oval, glowing something-or-the-other.But...the original plot. Is it just me or there are more and more books coming out, following in the footsteps of [b:Steins Gate|15704031|Steins;Gate|Chiyomaru Shikura|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1339596332s/15704031.jpg|21365759]? There's this another one, [b:All Our Yesterdays|13514612|All Our Yesterdays|Cristin Terrill|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1362618700s/13514612.jpg|19070336].Discounting that, I liked it. It was fine and it will definitely be your cup of tea if you're new to the SF genre. Level 4: The cover. *runs away screaming* It would have been pretty enough but the humans ruined it. They always do.Besides all that, the ending had me weeping. Honestly. Not in the good sense. It was a breezy read, nothing especial, and didn't offend me in any way. There's that.A copy was provided by the publishers for reviewing purposes.Crossposted on Books behind Dam{n}s