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The Oathbreaker's Shadow - Amy McCulloch Eh?!This is hurting my head.Like, giving me an actual migraine. Or what I think a migraine feels like. I've never had one before or I did and I just couldn't identify it. When DOES a headache turn into a migraine? Is there a significant and distinguishable margin, like you coalesce from one range of pain into another much more terrible one? Or is it just more cool to say you've got a migraine? I'm not good at biology. The only thing I've figured out by far is that migraine gives you that weird pin-in-your-brains-and-eyeballs feeling, but then if you jump into a pool at the wrong angle, and water goes up your nostrils at an even worse angle you get that feeling as well. Which makes you want to rip out your eyes. This book didn't make me want to rip out my eyes but it definitely bored me with its endless and clunky info-dump, cookie-cutter characters, late beginning, lame dialogues, unrealistic relationship, and world-building & its telling that could have done with a bit more emotion and feeling. Moreover, one scene jumps straight into another and when its time to get back, dude, it beams out of the sky. No guiding smoothly or amalgamating the story sequences.I'm going to try and relax.I'm going to ALOOOHHHAAA!!!Aloha, baby! Do it with me! Two simple steps. Wave your hands and shake your ass. To the right! To the left! Do it alone if you're shy!Or do it with me!It's fun either way.