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Croak (Croak, #1) - Gina Damico Reapers + Delinquent + Town-named-Croak + Uncle-Reaper-named-Mort = Hell, yeah!This book was AWESOME! I loved the author's writing style( Man, I'm getting bored with this sentence. Not that I want bad writing, it's just that I've read the works of so many good authors these past few months and used this sentence so friggin' much, it might just lose its value). It was humorous hilarious; it was interesting; it was all-out fantabulous. The world-building, or rather town-building of Croak was good, if not great. I have a few problems and doubts regarding the whole Reaping System but there are pretty easy to ignore. I liked the main character sometimes; other times not so much. I loved her snarky comebacks and her quite vicious imagination when someone pissed her off. The rest of the characters were also great, if a bit cliched.Another good thing was that the romance was no insta-love and developed gradually and didn't form a major part. In fact, her other relationships, including family-ships and general camaraderie/ friendships, were more emphasized than the romance which doesn't start until much later on. But I didn't like all that I-was-always-in-love-with-you crap at the end. No, ma'am, I don't like no confessions of love in the first book. In any book, actually. I prefer my characters to show their devotion to each other through their actions, not words. And the killer mystery? Not that easy to figure out, but not that difficult either if put a bit of brains into it. Which I didn't, of course, so I was pleasantly surprised when the truth came out.Also, I can't really believe that her parents let her go that easily. Especially, after a murderer with their own blessings. Well, sort of. I get that they were grief-stricken and all and believed that she could take care of herself but seriously?? Or it could just be me and my doubts that even parents can act raslhy when i the throes of anguish and sorrow.However, overall, definitely a book one should check out.