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A Tangle of Knots

A Tangle of Knots - Lisa Graff This is a demure, delightful, enchanting book. If it were a color, it'd be mauve.Think rescuing a lighter for noble purposes was the most whimsy task you'd been sent to accomplish? Well, here's another.Try searching fifty years for a suitcase.It was a very old suitcase, but sturdy and well-loved, boxy and large as a small child, with worn corners and three small dimples near the left clasp. Across the top a cursive scrawl of silver thread spelled out the brand: St. Anthony’s.But now now, this isn't a crazy book. There is a cast of adorable and cute characters: Sir Will who is looking for monsters and cakes, the boy whose spit demolished his home, the archaeologist who stole the flying bone, the woman who lost it all, the man who lost it all, a cupid woman and many others. But my absolute favorite was Cady because she provides the best portions of this book: yummy, yummy drool-inducing baking recipes.How wonderful is that?Not only does it have an adorable story, [b:A Tangle of Knots|15780279|A Tangle of Knots|Lisa Graff|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1359234306s/15780279.jpg|21495195] is also a cookbook. What could possibly top that? Okay I could grant an exception for this one.The book reminded me a bit of Dragon Tales, which I loved as a kid. Still do, actually. I'm sure if Ord and Cassie and Emmy and Max and the twins read this, they'd love it too.It's simplistic and about everyday adventures. A slice of life looked though magicked glasses. Simple vanilla cake with complicated frosting: a mishmash of spices, garlic, chocolate, peach, lime, peanut, almond, cherry.But it's the chef's work to make them cooperate.The writing is unfussy and sorta cute-sy, perfectly complementing the story and setting a realistically magical ambiance. Told in multiple viewpoints, the story has many diverse plotlines but in the end, it's about an old man looking for his suitcase and an orphan looking for a family.There are tangles of coincidences, and fate and destiny, and a mysterious, helpful man whose grin suggests he knows more about the world than he lets on and his hot air balloon run amok in this short, short novel.The ending is tooooo prefect and a bit [a:Roald Dahl|4273|Roald Dahl|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1311554908p2/4273.jpg]-style. As in some stuff happens but people make the best of it and live happily ever after.This is sweet, unabashed happiness and fun for those tired of monsters and villains.I'd recommend this book if you are in a slump and it's raining outside(it actually is ! IN MID-JUNE!) and you don't want to read anything that is sad or depressing or makes you think. If it's a breez you need, this is the book for you.