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Out of This Place

Out of This Place - Emma Cameron Because this book was in verse, I took the liberty of trudging along the road less traveled and write the review in verse as well. Hope you like it. Even if you don't, remeber it's my first try people!And no, it's not a way to get out of writing a proper review. :)Run AwayOutis what theylong for.Long for,like a blanket in the rain,when you can'tcatch up onsleep.Out of thisplace.Out of thesememories.And run away.No senseDreaming,Wanting,Hopingto run away from a lifeofno senseand lust,and food,and violence.Olden FearsThree kids,friends,people,three livesscrewed up,inhands ofsame old fear,same old crimes;unchanged since the olden times.Minds and TimesA beautifulbookanda beautifulstory.Never caught me,though.ForI have read,and seen,and heard,perhapseven doneit a thousand timesin a thousandpieces.My timetakesover mindand I wasjust bored.More fantastic and longer reviews on my blog.