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Dance of Shadows (Dance of Shadows - Trilogy)

Dance of Shadows - Yelena Black Done. Just done. 25% of the way through. This book doesn't even warrant a proper review but I'm creating a whole new Chris-Brown-horrible shelf for it. I've never done that before- made separate shelves for books I hated. I felt that the ratings were just enough. The writing is sooooooooo horrible. The characters are so much similar, almost like a carbon copy, of the ones from [b:Marked|30183|Marked (House of Night, #1)|P.C. Cast|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1317067002s/30183.jpg|30573]- another atrocity. Why did I waste my time on a pile of such crap?And a message to the author:One thing I can tell you, though- pretty, pretty cover. But like my wise-as-a-wise-toad sister commented,"Why is she wearing a dress of roses? It makes no sense since the book's name is Dance of Shadows."Instead, this book should have the following cover as a warning to all the unsuspecting readers out there and a channel for getting all the crap out to all the miserable people who managed to finish this book:Another thing I remember hating is this line:And then without a warning, he smiled.So from now on, I'll flash a big sign in neon colors before I smile at my friends' antics or my sister's otaku-y excitement. A copy was provided by the publishers via NetGalley and no money was exchanged. Thank God.This non-review also appears on my blog.