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Haze (The Rephaim, #2)

Haze - Paula Weston I have this theory that either [a:Paula Weston|5446913|Paula Weston|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1341220975p2/5446913.jpg] has had some past brawl(what do you call an aussie brawl?) with Melbourne and it deeply wronged her, or... she simply doesn't like Melbourne! Which is blasphemous in my eyes, but to each her own, I say! The characters(or one of them) has been dying, begging, prostrating to visit Melbourne since the last book but you know when they actually reach the palace of graffiti? When most of the pages have passed by. And then we stay there for no more than 6 pages(or something). Cheeses is so upset at these people! :(Haze picks off some days after the events of Shadows. However, the story doesn't move forward much. In fact, the plot is practically crawling towards whatever it is they should crawl towards. Nothing much really happens in this book, no new revelations are made, but instead we make several stops on the way to Melbourne and meet several new characters- some really cool, like Mya. On the other hand, Weston keeps the story from progressing with subplots that somehow come to interrelate with the entire story by one coincidence or the other. Frankly, I wasn't interested. There's entirely too less action. In this whole mashup, the original thread actually gets misplaced and mistaken a lot. The basic story from the first book was about this girl-angel and her brother mixing up shit and producing a stench of holy hell that draws out the bad and the evil, and they all want her.In this follow-up, we get zilch of actual information and the background. Even though, it's usually the second book that's built up as the Info-Dump Central. Moreover, the world-building is poor as ever. I don't really get a sense of this world, nor its mythology- something that bothered me in Shadows as well. More than half of this book is like the quests we have to finish in a video-game before we get to the actual enemy. Like, go get these antidotes from this guy, but first earn some money by defeating this monster that's been plaguing the poor villagers. Go meditate and get some training but look- your master's been abducted! Save them and unlock a secret weapon. And yada, yada, yada! The rest of the book is confounded angels, monsters and peoples, asking each other, what did they do? Tell me what did you do! You must or I shall behead you!!!Still, the distracting sequences and the deliberate hush on the story work its way toward a short climax, whose inadequacy is satiated by the epic ending.I'd say this series isn't for the curious or the impatient, which is weird because that's what I am like most the time. You see? This series has the power to temporarily change you. It will pressure the cat inside you into oblivion.And it's gonna be a bitch to resuscitate it.But enough of the grumpy!I still like The Rephaim series and it's partly for the characters. In the last book, I must admit, I absolutely didn't care for Rafa's relationship with Gaby. However, boy have my reservations been flipped! I believe there's much more development and chemistry in this installment. Like I mentioned before, Mya was an interesting character and I automatically took a liking to her. And Taya(and Simon but I don't really care for him) from the previous book also plays some part and gains personality. Nathaniel isn't there most of the time but still, I preferred him to Jason. Which brings me to~ Jason, why youz so bland in this rainbow of colorful characters? Why youz a tool and why youz introduce new subplots and threads that keep putting off my Melbourne trip?! Why youz keep annoying me like a fly trying to bugger its way into my soda and my custard! You evil, boring fly! I haz no love for you!Gaby has become admirable and worth rooting for, over the books. She has spunk, and while I do feel like throttling her every now and then, on the whole, her character is slowly working its way up to sheer brilliance.Anyways, folks. Let me just take a moment to convince you all why despite all its shortcomings, you should still try out this series and why I shall continue sticking for it.This series has dismal characters and kickass characters. When the end will come, this series is going to go off with two shits and a score of bangs. (I'm already missing the characters and I just finished the book.) In the meanwhile, this story is enough to keep you hooked, even if it takes tall, big and mysterious to a whole new level.(Book two is high time to unlock some secrets, methinks.) I won't guarantee it'll be an instant addition to your re-reads shelf; yet I do believe you are missing out on some smarmy and snarky angel-on-angel action, ie, Rafa. I'm expecting a lot from the next book[which, apparently is named Shimmer; I'm not exactly jumping in joy here] and you guys know what I want most of all? Cross-posted on Books behind Dam{n}s