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Throne of Glass II

Throne of Glass II - Sarah J. Maas In the name of holy, unspeakable trysts between Nutella and Snape, I swear this book's grown a spine.This book.A backbone.Dorian got personality.Chaol got interesting.Celaena got bloodier.Oh love love love! From the first page(too hasty), I knew this book was going to blow off the roofs and then it did. But after the 50% mark, well, shit got real.The writing's better and fluent already. I genuinely have trouble believing that it's the same author. It's creepy in the creepy places, scary when need be, a bit prosaic here and there, plus it finally has the air of a fantasy series about to become epic.And how the characters have grown! Celaena matures and suffers and morphs so much, and yet she doesn't seem like a different person. Scary, bloody cool but the core remains same. Then there's Dorian. I knew from the second chapter that he'd have me screaming and rooting internally for him by the end of the book, from the moment he decides to give up on Celaena. His chapters have more substance and purpose; they don't entirely revolve around Celaena. On the other hand, chapters from Chaol's perspective still revolve around Celaena for the most part but I'll whisper a secret of mine to you: I... don't... mind... it... I should also admit that I grew pretty annoyed when his name stopped appearing for pages and pages. Bugged me, it did.Also, I can't believe how much tumult Chaol and Celaena's relationship had to go through till the last word, and I get gleeful thinking about what the rest of the books will bring along. Ooohh, I just want more of it, more suffering. Bring it on, the nails and the knives and the lies! I liked the absence of love-triangle and it felt decidedly refreshing.Everything's nasty and nastier in Crown of Midnight. There might have been a few things I'd figured out already, but as the real plot was torn out of its envelope, the exact one that I'd found lame and lacking in Throne of Glass, I decided to discard Maas's lack of subtlety and enjoy the ride.Moreover, this book is so damned action-packed and covered in gore that it could give [Prototype] a run for its money. Now I have a few complaints but since I don't want to sully this review that speaks only of greatness, I shall put it in a spoiler tag.I think there was entirely too less time spent on Dorian's discovery, and it should have been explored a bit thoroughly. It felt slapdash and skimmed through.And for Chaol's sakes, Maas, stop mentioning Sam or I won't be able to get over him. Dig?I figured out the twist. It was so bloody obvious, what was the fucking point of prolonging it to the end? Why? I'm yet again gleeful, thinking all sorts of evil thoughts about how this twist will torture Chaol, and I realize that couldn't have been possible if the reveal had been made earlier. And that is the sole reason I'm not knocking off half a star. But dude. In the meantime, suffer, Chaol, suffer! Then maybe you'll understand that your part in the book is to stand pretty and provide for smexy times! You do not interfere with Celaena's plans and you don't get in the way of her blades, you chump!While Maas's story has grown in most other aspects, she simply must figure out a way to make the plot more mysterious and keep her twists covert.Another thing to be mentioned is that Crown of Midnight just can't deal with politics. It is solely an action book that also relies on emotions and always gets its point across, but there's hints of rebellion and rebellions don't work without politics.However, the rate at which the books seem to be developing for the better, I can't imagine how good the third book will turn out to be, and how many more of my issues with the series will be resolved.I. NEED. THE. SECOND. BOOK.Why?NON-MASSIVE SPOILER FOR REAL Because we shall travel to Wendlyn, that land of myths and monsters, a kingdom of dreams and nightmares made flesh.