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Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas Somehow, the first novella of the entire series that I read more than an year ago made more of an impact on me than this 400+ pages novel I finished minutes ago. That's just...awkward.I liked this book well enough, especially after emerging out of my failed attempts to enjoy Boy Nobody since Celaena was a fun assassin. BUT there are so many things I just don't like:1. The writing. It lacks fluency, particularly when it changes to formal tones after entire chapters in laid-back sorta narration. It's also very childish for most part. But here's to hoping it gets better in the sequel!2. The Supernatural side. It was just lame, so goddamn lame! I expected something Tamora Pierce-type or even Downside Ghosts-effect but most of it felt straight out of some videogame-Not all realms are full of darkness and death. Someare filled with creatures of good—beings that, if our need is great enough, will follow us...That's why I wasn't interested in the over-all plot or who the murderer was, I just wanted her to get on with the Tests.But here's to hoping it gets better in the sequel!3. Chaol and Dorian.When I said the novella made more of an impression on me, I was partly referring to an old friend of Celaena's- Sam. I like him much more than these two even though he's dead but I like him so goddamn much and I don't even know why and I'm just holding my breath that he'll come back even though he's completely, absolutely, rotting-with-maggots-and-dancin-in-graves dead.Secondly, the Chaol and Dorian chapters were just fillers and served the sole purpose of getting across their feelings towards Celaena, which I believe should have been done efficiently through Celaena's chapters. In the end, it were these chapters that curbed any sort of feelings that I could have been developing towards either of them. Because I'm a horrible person, I just felt condescension, in particular when Chaol mentions that he's never watched anybody die. Lame-o.Still, I prefer him over Dorian because everybody knows if you want the girl, you don't declare your intentions to the reader in the first fucking book, considering it's a 7-novel series! Because that's even lamer than the rest because you gotta play hard to get, dude! Learn something from the stoic Chaol! Cheeses! But here's to hoping it gets better in the sequel! However, this book was much better than I expected and it was fun on an otherwise boring day.But here's to hoping it gets better in the sequel!PS The whole Champion deal? Very [b:Graceling|3236307|Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1)|Kristin Cashore|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1331548394s/3236307.jpg|3270810], IMO.PPS I absolutely hate the alternate cover of the book.PPPS So who betrayed her?