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Marco Impossible - Hannah Moskowitz So apparently I can write this review and the only thing impeding me was my own bloody bladder and stomach, being gnawed on by a hybrid of racoons and weasels and rats and squirrels and my legs quivering like they just encountered the Bloody Baron. Oh, Steven and Marco, the lengths I went to for you. Let me enumerate them in a hideous parody of "How do I Love Thee?" by Elizabeth Barett. How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways.I love thee so much that I stealthily stayed up all night, through dawn and into the emerging morning, always on the lookout for my tormentor who prefer to be referred to as "parents", heart ceasing at every imagined footstep or snore.I love thee so much that I suffered through my fatigue and read you and read you, until I could no longer and succumbed to this evil of "Sleep", only to roused by my father, trumpeting and bellowing above me, who on reflection reminds me a lot of elephant in the morning.I love thee so much that I paid no heed to my anatomy, resulting in a trembling, starving, need-to-visit-the-loo-one-hour-ago shell of a demigod because I don't have a Kindle yet(*wails*keens*sobs*sighs*accepts luck is a mean bitch*) so I couldn't cocoon myself in my blanket on my bed and because my sister wouldn't lend me her MacBook.I love thee so much that I sat jumping up and down on my seat, blabbering nonsense, whilst reading, like my one year old cousin does when we talk real loud and she gets so happy and wants to join us so starts driveling. [b:Marco Impossible|12477984|Marco Impossible|Hannah Moskowitz|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1338318525s/12477984.jpg|17462409] is such a sweet rendition of emotions; a lovely concoction of humor, poignancy, friendship, first love/crush, sibling-ship, joy, sherlocking, last chances and everything in between. The book is heart-breaking in that it is so lovely. And reminds me a lot of my predicament and perhaps, if I had read this book last month I wouldn't be so sad. But probably not because I'm a real coward and would never have done anything but it doesn't matter now. Besides, never liked him that much in the first place. Whatever.Aw, I just wish I could get more of this. I don't really want to analyze this book like I do others, I just want to gush. There are some books that are so perfect, they are damn near IMPOSSIBLE. Whilst reading them, you do either of the following(it's a fact):*You read like a maniac, your eyes pop out, you don't notice and you keep on going till you become a perfect rendition of an owl.*You need to stop every ten seconds/ every second line and gotta work off the steam, pacing a hole in your floor. [b:Marco Impossible|12477984|Marco Impossible|Hannah Moskowitz|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1338318525s/12477984.jpg|17462409] was a perfect combination of both. Half the time, I was prowling the corners of my home, the other half devouring ever sentence again and again and again. But the fact is, how could this woman write anything else?The book follows Steve and Marco on their last heist to steal a heart, before they go off to different schools and Marco loses his one chance to confess his love to Benji. [a:Hannah Moskowitz|1217665|Hannah Moskowitz|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1278533912p2/1217665.jpg] takes us on this joyful ride, spanning the lives of two boys. Steve and Marco are such lovely characters, so different, yet rather alike in some aspects. Both blow each others' heads off, but never give up on their friendship. Steve is nice and helpful and content in being the sidekick(I've always preferred sidekicks) and Marco is loud and demanding and the center of attention for the most part. They both have their insecurities and are magnificent when it comes down to each other. This story doesn't have a sweet ending for everyone, but it's wonderful. So wonderful.Ms Moskowitz, you are officially the most fabulous creature ever. You are freaking amazing and I am in love with you, as I've mentioned a bazillion times to my sister already.Ms [a:Hannah Moskowitz|1217665|Hannah Moskowitz|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1278533912p2/1217665.jpg], I, hereby, give you the permission toIf you'll just let meAlso, I just realized I have a cloud of "Robbie" curse hovering above me. And now I believe I am going to gorge upon a plate of cottage cheese sprinkled with salt and pepper, which I'm going to snatch form my brother. Many clouds of love to the publishers for providing a copy via NetGalley.You can also find this review and many others on my blog, At the End of the Story. ~~~I just have so many feels!!!! I cant write a review as of this moment.