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Immortal Beloved - Cate Tiernan 3.5Stripping down to its core, [b:Immortal Beloved|7823549|Immortal Beloved (Immortal Beloved, #1)|Cate Tiernan|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1341291825s/7823549.jpg|10135086] is the story of a an age-old brat who realizes that there is more to life than boozing and whoring partying( there isn't), one night when her friends don't play pretty. So then she goes off to rehab(ech!) and finds out what she's been missing out on all this time: Getting pecked by evil hens, savoring parsnips and milking goats. Oh such sweet delicious joy!Gah! I mean if I wanted that same story, I could have just picked up any newspaper. It's not like the world has any scarcity of self-annihilators. Sp why did I persevere? Because deviating form the current trend, this book has a lame theme that is executed artistically and that makes all the difference. Kudos for that, Ms Tiernan!Natasya(the MC) is a 400-something old immortal, leaning towards five half a century. However, she doesn't read like it; she gibes the impression of being a teenager, creating mishaps for no reason, superficial and pouty. This voice might put off a lot of readers but it just drew me in more. The only times that we got the feel that yeah, she could be someone's great*8-times grandmother is when she is in dwelling in her own mind or when she is around humans. I suppose mortality put things in perspective for her. Around others of her kind, Nasty's inner teen comes out and her character remain somewhat consistent throughout the novel despite these variations.[b:Immortal Beloved|7823549|Immortal Beloved (Immortal Beloved, #1)|Cate Tiernan|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1341291825s/7823549.jpg|10135086] has taught me one thing, though. Maturity is directly proportional to the number of wrinkles you have. Age and experience matter not one whit.Another character that aptly illustrates my point is Nell, the resident bitch. Because of course there is one mean girl despite the fact that they are older than Regina George's grandma. The book wouldn't be complete without a psychotic bitch who is catty for no reason other than that they both like the same guy. I mean, come on ladies, play nice. Sportsmanship, ever heard of it? I know there can only be one vagina in a room at a time but you know if we put our mind to it, we can do anything! Can we do it?Yes, we can!The revelation that causes Nasty to drop things and run like the hell hounds had gotten a sniff of her is not handled properly. An even which could have come across as a life-changing epiphany simply comes across as one girl pouting over her friends playing meanie. Well, I did enjoy the fact that the romance was rather toned down in this novel even if I couldn't find a fuck to give for it(because I'm just a heinous person and rarely believe in second chances- acceptance is the first step towards improvement). the twist and the big reveal didn't much blow me away because I was expecting it. This was a pretty entertaining read but if the second novel doesn't develop a real plot or something I won't be continuing. There's only so much love for scrubbed floors and harmony and peace and silent, meditated life that I can take before my inner personification of chaos emerges and rips it all to shit and beyond.You can also find this review on my blog.