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The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa This review might contain minor spoilers for the book.3.5First two parts: 3 starsMiddle portion: 2 starsLast book: 4 starsI started this book about a year ago a but it just failed to hold my attention with the first go. A few days ago, I found myself giving it recurring glances and picked it up, unable to dredge up the reason why I left it in the middle.Here's why: There is just a facade of feminism in the guise of a pretty kick-ass heroine(me lurv youz, Allie) to cover up the old school bitchiness and misogyny. Alright, perhaps I'm hyperbole-ing and it wasn't that extreme but I hate it even more when there's just a subtle hint of it albeit that's not what the author meant it to be.Last time, it simply bugged me out. However, this time, after having experienced Meghan Chase, my expectations for the main character were pretty low. And imagine my surprise when Allie turns out to be And not a goody two-shoes or preacher ofBut then [a:Julie Kagawa|2995873|Julie Kagawa|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1257816454p2/2995873.jpg] just has to go ruin it all with your quintessential mean girl who hates her for no reason other than Allie being the only other female up for competition. I thought it only happened in wolf circles with alpha males but nature works in mysterious ways. And obviously the guy she's in love with has no fucking clue that she's in love with him because he's in love with Allie. Why on earth are guys always portrayed as being so damn oblivious? If it's a girl, it simply becomes a full-fledged triangle as the girl is more perceptive to her stalker's emotions but she has not a clue to fend him off! Then there were these little sentences like this one that bugged me off:In a few minutes, every male in the compound would be rushing at me with axes and pitchforks and firearms. Why only men? There are countless times when they say that bring out all the men! and he and Zeke were doing the heavy-lifting because they were the only two young males and Ruth( the bitch) didn't want to touch a rifle because she was scared.I mean WTF?! Girl, first off, you are living in a godforsaken world. A literal hell. If you can't life heavy things or help in lifting heavy things and are even scared of a rifle, actually scared of a tool, something that could save you and yours, then yeah, you deserve to die. The females are practically useless in this novel in terms of survival and shit; they were only capable of preparing food, snitching and taking care of the young ones. Yeah, I noticed, Kagawa. Perhaps I was reading a bit too much into things but I was rather bugged out. The only reason I'm a tad bit interested in this Zeke-Allie romance is because I'm interested to know how it will turn out. I love tragedies. Zeke is a likable enough character and he's grown on me as he's actually trying to look up from the book his face has been stuffed into since he was born. He's actually trying for a new mindset on vamps. But he's just too good for my tastes. I'll take up Jonah Griggs who crushes another's fingers only becasue they are in a territory war or Barrons who is not a very nice person anytime of the day.But what I loved:Allison. What a refreshing character. I love me screw-ups with skewed moral compasses.A pictorial representation:Okay, not this awesome but you get my gist.Kanin. Gah, he's fucking GRAND!You know you are GRAND when you are depicted by ZuraKatsura.I am quite impressed with [b:Julie Kagawa] for actually looking at a sire-creation relationship in a logical way and not developing a romance between the two. Kanin actually looks at her as his child and that's what's been missing in all the vamp fiction before.Well, the plot gets a bit slow in the mid-portion and that almost lost my readership but I struggled and it picked up as we moved on. Also, I hate this cover. It would have been acceptable even though it's mentioned she's half-Japanese if people didn't comment on her exoticness like a thousand times. Then, we could have said that she took after the parent who was Caucasian. But I see they didn't follow the same path with [b:The Eternity Cure|13581990|The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden, #2)|Julie Kagawa|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1355512342s/13581990.jpg|19167673]. Lovely.To end with, I am sure I'll continue this series but I'm not much hyped about it as most everyone seems to be. Shame on me. You can also find this review on my blog.