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Sins & Needles - Karina Halle Used to be, I had .5 cm long nails cut haphazardly. Now the only remains are there sharp, small boomerang-types. Never knew I gave a shit or two about them but absence does make the heart grow fonder and all that jazz. And it's all the bloody fault of [b:Sins Needles|16029994|Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy, #1)|Karina Halle|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347859611s/16029994.jpg|21799599]. I'd actually given up on the New Adult genre, sub-genre, category or whatever the heck it is. Not because I considered it 'smut-fiction' but 'cause it really seemed like crap to me. True story. But there's always a pizza slice in the garbage for starving cats like me.Let's start with the cover of this book. There's something about it that I just love so damn much. It's sensual yet edgy; those tattooed notes on her arms, that razor necklace, the choppy hair and that expression in periphery. I don't think any other cover has ever been so apt. The color mixture gives it a dark atmosphere. And. I. Love. It. Everything about it. It's one of my favorite covers ever. The story is of Ellie Watt, con extraordinaire. A 'grifter' who has a long list of screwing people over. Dangerous people. Yet, somehow, she's managed to preserve her hide. Until now. And the blah-di-dah that follows...Ellie seemed a perfectly likeable and reasonable character to me. I honestly couldn't fault her bad decisions and I lived it when she drove over people without second thoughts to meet her own needs(wonder what that says about me). But there were some stupid, asinine mistakes she makes which even a rookie doesn't make. I guess that's over-confidence for you. And I also kept thinking through most of the book,'Somebody forgot to bring the keg to the pity-party.' Because honestly that just kept pissing me off. I felt bad for the kid who lost her childhood, the teenager who was ridiculed but I just wanted to head-bang this grown woman. But I guess that was the point. So she could progress and develop in the novel.The romance was plausible. Because these are two fucked-up characters, you know. And they go along nicely. Though, I wouldn't mind having him for myself. Not one bit. It was a romantic dream come true, actually because while she creates a sex-on-a-stick character, [a:Karina Halle|4785031|Karina Halle|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1333997846p2/4785031.jpg] manages to have a person, not just a love interest, there for the sake of the protagonist's libido.The main story has a dark a quality to it and the writing is gritty and fast-paced. Yet it manages to be so lyrical and beautiful in places.“Beautiful, sad, wounded, and lost,” he continued. “A freak, a work of art, a liar, and a lover.”But best of all were the music references as they gave the story a very distinct aura and bolstered the emotions of the story.It's not a perfect book, but I just can't get enough of it and I know I'll be returning soon enough to drift through those pages once again.And I really, really need that next book. More than Nutella. More than super-powers to wipe out the evolutionary theory that we are the descendants of apes(manta rays, people, are the true ancestors) from every mind; the very notion of it. More than I need to bring [a:Roald Dahl|4273|Roald Dahl|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1311554908p2/4273.jpg] back from the dead. Happy, content, desperate reader alert. This review can also be found on my blog.