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Poison Princess - Kresley Cole This book is really hard to rate. 'Cause there were so many things that I loved and others that I hated. I wanted to give it at least 2 stars as an average for both the pros and cons. But then I remembered how the protagonist laughs manically at the end and that settled it. So, 3 stars it is.Let's start with the negatives so I don't have a sour taste in my mouth by the time I finish this review.Protagonist: A pretty bleak character who just cannot get her priorities straight; who just can't and doesn't do anything. That's all I have to say about her after going through 384 pages on the inner workings of her mind. Heck, I can't even remember her name. Never a good sign, fellas.Other characters: Repulsive, utterly unlikable characters. But that's just me speaking.Romance: It sucked. Majorly sucked. Hold-your-guts-'cause-its-about-to-run-away sucked. The romantic interest was a cave-mannish control freak with an irrepressible libido and cannibalistic tendencies. "I want me a taste of that." FYI, that here refers to our very own protagonist.Pacing of the book: The action doesn't even start until we're at the end. The first half deals with her high school and family life. Then comes the apocalypse and dealing with it and stuff. Okay, it was alright and I didn't mind much- but bring on the action already!Cover: It's disgusting. As a general rule, I hate it when there are actual faces on the cover, because I like those things to be left to the imagination. But even then there are some books where it isn't all that bad. However, this one was abhorring.Now with the positives:The concept of the book was fabulous. Personalization of Tarot Cards? Interesting as well as Hell, Yeah! As I said earlier, the action starts much later on but that's just fine because though the character herself was bland, I didn't mind being in her head. Quite contradictory, I know. But I just love those visions and the voices she heard. I enjoyed figuring out who was who and their respective powers. And to top it all off, the author's writing style was amazing.There was never a lull in this book when I felt like moving onto other books as so happens in many post-apocalyptic books but I'm guessing that was more for the author's amazing words and less for the material- which wasn't all that bad either, if a bit questionable. And while all these pros might not seem worth 3 stars when considered the negatives, just remember I am a fan of Manic Laughs. Mwahahaaha!!!