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On Every Street  - Karina Halle I am taking such pains to review this book. Fact is, I destroyed my keyboard. Indirectly. But the good thing is, only the spacebar is ruined. I'm using the on-screen keyboard for that, and let me tell you it's a bitch and slow-going as hell.Ergo, I'm very grumpy but it will not reflect in this review. I sincerely hope so.[b:On Every Street|17230557|On Every Street (The Artists Trilogy, #0.5)|Karina Halle|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1359656866s/17230557.jpg|23745831] is a book for the lovers and doubters of [b:Sins & Needles|16029994|Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy, #1)|Karina Halle|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347859611s/16029994.jpg|21799599], but it'll also definitely work as a standalone, though I wouldn't recommend it.I immensely enjoyed [b:Sins & Needles|16029994|Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy, #1)|Karina Halle|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347859611s/16029994.jpg|21799599] but it didn't leave a real impression for more than a day or two. This novella, on the other hand, hit me right in the feels and I can't stress how much I loved it. It is sad, a little kinky(okay, a lot), lovably dangerous, and ultimately heart-breaking.It goes a bit like,Don't make me sad, don't make me crySometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough...The road is long, we carry onTry to have fun in the meantime There is a constant undertone of the same about Javier and Ellie/Eden, throughout this novella. It's the story of Eden White, after she left Ellie Watt and before she became a grifter. The specialty of this book is that it deals with everything firsts. Eden mentions in this book that she doesn't believe in either love at first sight or lust at first sight. Yet, [a:Karina Halle|4785031|Karina Halle|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1333997846p2/4785031.jpg] has managed to expound on both topics in the two novels she's written in the Artist's Trilogy.The story starts out vengeance-oriented and before you know it, you've been sucked into a budding romance. And I do appreciate the turn, how Ellie brings herself to drop the need for revenge that she'd been fostering for a childhood-long time, for this was one of the few things that befuddled me in [b:Sins Needles|16029994|Sins & Needles (The Artists Trilogy, #1)|Karina Halle|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1347859611s/16029994.jpg|21799599]. Not only this, a barrage of other things are also cleared up and this makes the short story an absolute must for the readers following Ellie's tragic life.Moreover, I adored Ellie. I love that she acknowledges her feelings and is honest with herself, not telling the readers one thing and bumbling around the world, doing the opposite.The character of Javier intrigued me to no end. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I liked him, but by the end of the story, I was all but,"Camden who?" Javier has always been compared or referred to as a snake or a panther, hiding in the bushes. He was the antagonist, the Darth Vader, adding to an already troubled couple(sorta). However, my impression is that he's human, with the characteristic of a chameleon, changing his colors to suit his mood. And he's got some dangerous colors, believe you me.In a nutshell, it was an extraordinary book, with some extraordinary characters, written by a fluent and extraordinary hand.I was naïve and young and caught in the spark that would create the flames.And I kid you not, this is a triangle I'd love to see to the end.Besides, I think the next installment will go along the lines of:You say you wanna move on andYou say I'm falling behind. More reviews on my blog.