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The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa badassery: Noun(uncountable)1. The behaviour of a badass.2. Engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner that renders all onlookers completely awestruck.3.Relating to or found in Allison Sekemoto________________________________________A moth, a chupacabra and a beanstalk walked into a bar. They got drunk and like all the drunkards around the world, they engaged in a senseless brawl. The beanstalk emerged victorious. The feline bar wench in the corner commented,"You sure pulled an Allison Sekemoto on those two, beanie." Then she jumped onto the beanstalk and added him to the stew she was preparing for the petite vamp sitting in the corner, wielding her katana at undefined shadows.That's not a particularly hilarious joke and if you did laugh, I pity you. *waits and breathes**waits and breathes**starts speaking in a breath*You know how you sometimes read books and you are in a jovial mood, then something amazing happens and your heart skips a beat or almost bounces out of your ribcage or something disruptive happens inside your body. Well, it doesn't happen in [b:The Eternity Cure|13581990|The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden, #2)|Julie Kagawa|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1362772965s/13581990.jpg|19167673]. Because this book ensures that your heart doesn't beat even once throughout the whole novel. Or it culd be that the book's just too predictable. Your pick. The book starts with some very ominous words and ends with the same. An entrancing and gory story that leaves you hungering for more.Cutting, slashing, chopping, maiming; you name it, Kagawa gave it.*stops with the foolishness*Whew!The story continues on with Allie hunting Sarren, who his holding captive her sire, Kanin(so much love I haz). And Jackal, Allie's blood brother, is dead and gone. Zeke and the rest are back safe in Eden, leisurely seeking out a cure for the Red Lung Virus. Allie is not a human; but a fuckingly awesome vampire!Rabids are rabiding and monsters are monsterizing.I am in a very spoilerly mood, but I WILL REFRAIN with just this one comment,'Or so you'd think!' There are very many unadulterated badsses(an old character is re-introduced and I haz so much love for him too) in this book and I will have you know that there is also a fairly spine-chilling villain.There are three qualities that are required in any proper villain. ~Sadism~Ruthlessness~MadnessThen, there are some things that go along with these three main qualities, like super-strength, secret key to some very important locks, and of course, a mouth that spouts creepy, weird poetry. “I would say,” a cold, terrifyingly familiar voice hissed outof the darkness, “that some little birdie is lying to you.”“You can’t save him, little bird,” he whispered. “You can’tsave anyone now. The requiem has started, and when thelast melody plays, the only applause will be sweet, eternal silence.” Well, a picture being worth a thousand words will help you more. Just don't mistake him being so handsome as these there. All the sizzling hotness here is just a facade for some very rotten cores(but of course I love each and every one of them). However, Kagawa's villain doesn't enjoy that luxury.And Sarren is all that and more packed into one scarred maniac.But it wasn't a perfect book.There were many inconsistencies and the romantic bits pissed me off because I don't care for Zeke. Which reminds me, did you also not like Zeke and his holier-than-thou-vamps attitude and his general goodness? Did ti piss you off? Well, worry not, and this is a minor spoiler but our very dear Ezekiel will do something extremely bad in the last few pages. And he will suffer. Oh boy, will he suffer! But Allie will ruin the mood, though. Her constant inner monologue about keeping her demons at bay and crap weren't worthwhile, even though they were probably* crucial to developing the mind-frame. However, she makes up for it with all her balls-crushing and ass-kicking. And many things I just couldn't wrap my heads around & like I mentioned, the predictability doesn't do the book any favors. But I will shut up my annoying inner monologue and leave yourself to it.Stuti Out.But I just can't help it: There are many vampires who have stolen my heart but those bastards aren't coming back just yet to Turn me and I suppose I will be dying bit by bit until the next book come out.Stuti Out(for good)More fanatstic reviews on my blog.READ THE DAMN BOOK!!