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This is Shyness - Leanne Hall Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... this book is so damn weird. Like a really weird fairy tale with lots of crazy characters, googly eyes and a pink ukulele. This is Shyness, ensconced in eternal darkness because the sun has decided to take a break. A tourist, named Wildgirl, sits in a bar('The Diabetic'), bemoaning her life. A few ways from her sits a local, Wolfboy. Their gazes clash; he howls, she falls, and we have a fun, strange ride on the Far-fetched Express. Well, this book isn't for everyone. It's quite unreal; the whole town of Shyness, with its different classes of people. The only genuine parts are the characters. The story is so completely out of here. If you don't like exaggeration or un-realism, then this book isn't for you. I see that the main problem people had pertains to this issue. But being the gullible me, I didn't even question it once. I kept thinking,'Oh, so the sun doesn't rise? Could happen.''Necroheads? Dreamers? Kidds? All stoned on candy? True that.' And now I feel so stupid.But it isn't my fault I grew up on K.N.D. When you've spent as many hours as I have, of your most important hours of the night, watching kids fight spinach lady, dig candy treasure out of Pharaohs' tombs, kids zombified by sugar is pretty mundane.However, like every fairytale, this one comes to an end. After we rescue the lighter in distress, of course. Oh, didn't I mention? The book revolves around a lighter. And not Deluminator lighter. But fire-something lighter. I love this word. Lighter, lighter, lighter. Ugh, seems I'm too hopped on sugar as well. :/This book ticked all the right spots for me:~Out of the Norm? Check.~One night romance(I just love them)? Check.~Weird names? Check.~Pirates(yes, there are them!)? Check.~Crazy, fun, no karate-chop action? Check.~He howls but doesn't turn into a canine? Check.~A stolen credit card(with lots of balance)? Check.~Kiddy gangs and evil, mad doctor? Check yo!It isn't all perfect, however. There is a lot of info-dump in the beginning and the pace is kinda slow. But, the book makes up for it with its light humor and, once again, completely out there world. The romance is not heavy and not a main feature of the book. The characters are believable and weirdos. It was stupid, crazy fun all the way.The book doesn't leave me with many questions, as it should probably do. I am not exactly hungering for answers but I'd surely like some more of the world, which is why I already have a copy of [b:Queen of the Night|7746554|Queen Of The Night (Walker Family, #4)|J.A. Jance|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348991011s/7746554.jpg|10573442] sitting beside me.Ultimately, the only that let down for me was the fact that Wildgirl and Woflboy weren't their real names- ech! page one spolier!More reviews to be found on my blog.