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Keturah And Lord Death - Martine Leavitt I really wasn't about to review this book but the betrayal I feel wants to be let out.Almost a week ago, just before I read this book, I had been having a real, good-book streak. Truly, every book I read was a four-star read and I either loved them or just really, really liked them all. And I looked at everybody else and they were all having some bad reads on their shelves. So I felt left out and I wanted to read a bad book.[I know that is very screwed up.]Not a deliberate bad read, but an accidental one, where I unknowingly venture out into torture or boredom.Ergo, I decided [b:Keturah and Lord Death|331830|Keturah and Lord Death|Martine Leavitt|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348326167s/331830.jpg|322381] would be that book. This was going to be the book I would scoff at, dissect with a figurative scalpel.However, that isn't just my style, I realized in the process.I would read and read and think she's just using him. I would do that myself and I like her but she's just wheedling favors out of him and I'm supposed to believe it's love. Look, he's becoming so dependent on her and he doesn't even think twice about everything he's giving to her and doesn't he realize she's just USING HIM?But like I said, this book eluded me. In the end, Keturah also has to make sacrifices, give up her dreams in exchange for her heart's desire and you know, sometimes, it's okay to do that. Give up your dreams at your heart's bidding. Only in those rare cases. And that is all I have to say. Now for serious matters.What must pillowtalk with Death be like? I don't got no clue, does anybody else?Moreover, how can one go on calling somebody Death, Death, Death! espeacally a beloved?Hmph! Need answers, some closure.