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Iced - Karen Marie Moning It's been such a long time since I've actually, truly, with all my occasionally blasphemous being I wanted to be that character. Especially a superhero. A Megahero. And my megahero right now is Dani "Mega" O'Malley.Ergo, this is a superbook. No, no a megabook.It has its kryptonites(that's weaknesses, right? I hate Superman) and fair share of belligerence, cockiness, misdemeanor but at the end of the day, it saves the fucking town. I love it when my perspective gets flipped and flip it did. Back in the Fever series, I remember being indifferent and sometimes cold towards Dani. She pissed me off and now I'm wondering whether the installments after the Dani O'Malley trilogy will be as interesting.Undoubtedly, this was an awesome, refreshing and fun read.Oh and reason I've been avoiding it: fear of possible certain encounters with cliffhangers and pedophiles.Let's take it form here. I didn't find it particularly off-putting, probably because there's a contender within the age purview for Dani's affection and for the time being, she seems smitten with him. There are insinuations that something more could develop between Ryodan and Dani but as far as this book is concerned, Dani is fourteen, has intermittent ruminations about sex and sporadically finds herself thinking that Ry-O might be hot, feels Christian is a creep and Ry-O also comes off as a perv.All is good and jazzy in the Mega world.Except the monster that's randomly freezing everybody and thing it happens to come across. Or something.Now, because millennia of eternity didn't give him and his an ounce of brain and because he's already an established perv, Ryodan enlists Dani's help in solving the mystery. And here I use the term 'help' very loosely.The mystery is engrossing and the monster is, being a creation of [a:Karen Marie Moning|48206|Karen Marie Moning|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1350594088p2/48206.jpg], positively fascinating. The book lacks the complexity of Monie's previous Fever books but that doesn't mitigate it's venerability by a smudge. Moreover, there are other matters to be dealt with that were left off in [b:Shadowfever|7304203|Shadowfever (Fever, #5)|Karen Marie Moning|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320474645s/7304203.jpg|6967072]. With Christian McKeltar turning into an UnSeelie prince, Cruce being locked up in the leniently fortified abbey, inner sidhe-seer politics and the bloody world being a ruin. There aren't many answers in this book, nor are there questions raised. It's short and simple mystery being solved.Problems arise and kryptonites fell the Megabook off its five-star peg.Like I said, inner sidhe-seer politics and that involves chapters from Kat's(remember her? she who divulged secrets? she who was clearheaded when Rowena and Mac weren't?) perspective and by peeps, they were boring. Boring enough to make me eat my own face. Kat talks with herself so formally and she has so many worries(and rightly so), it felt disconnected from the whole book and just kinda floating by itself in a haze of consternation and not exacting an ounce of interest.Secondly, there are many parallels to be drawn between Dani's life and Mac's. And I'm not talking about the superficial romance interests- one fae and one whatever-the-hell-Barrons-and-his-eight-are. There's even this conversation ripped straight from the Fever series. And other unwholesome, unbecoming stuff that I don't begrudge but come on! But dudes, it's awesome nonetheless.There are these few chapters from Christian 'the fine pervert' MacKeltar's POV that are just gross, with him thinking sexual thoughts about Dani and waiting for her to grow up so her can fuck her. Sheesh! But good thing is, they actually come across as creepy and pervy. The conversations between Ryodan and Dani that were supposed to come off as hot felt funny and cool to me. I didn't find the sexual tension from Dani's side; it was all Ryodan the Perv. Does it work that way or am I just fucked up and insistently draw lines and demarcations where they don't exist?ANnnnnnnnndddddd the Megahero of the day: DANI!Dude, I wanna be her. I'll have hot men chasing my back whom I don't give two fucks about and a hot genius teenage guy who's also after me. Superpowers, no scarcity of cockiness and attitude, sarcasm, belligerence. Dani is cool and fun to boot, peeps. I don't what else to ask of anybody. She lives in the moment, gives separate fucks about people and what else can you ask for?Other than avoidance of Nicki Minaj. But everybody has at least one crappy tastebud, right?Wrapping it all up pretty nicely is a KMM-style cliffhanger.Really, what else was I expecting.I've actually figured out the reason why KMM leaves her books at such crucial points. It's not to convince us to stay addicted longer towards her books by anticipating the next one but so that we'll go back and re-read all the previous books and love them even more. Which I did but it's getting old. Not the books, but the technique and I can't imagine how all the other guys who read this book so long ago are still surviving. I've already read this one twice and can't imagine starting any other book except the Fever series.So long, dudes. Me's gonna go and imagine myself as Dani.Cross-posted on Books behind Dam{n}s