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The Mysterious Woods of Whistle Root - Christopher Pennell, Rebecca Bond Now, this is a book that you should go out and put in the hands of your kiddies. I, being past that stage and all, can't become as enthralled as they'd be. This book has all the stuff that my little self was once enamored with. Still am, sometimes.Talking beasts; evil, non-understanding adults; good adults and a girl who doesn't sleep at night. Can't sleep at night. And the two main kids have freaky names. Bitter and Green.Such unfortunate lives they live.The main character is one with whom we all are intimately familiar. The girl who's brave and senseless when her friends are in trouble. The girl who's tired of humans and joins a mice-vegetable band.The story is likable, with a little in fabricated past(which was interesting itself) and new creatures, and witch helpers. The illustrations are wacky sometimes, but when it's just little details around the border, it amalgamates with the tone of the story.Overall, the book was adorable and the plot imaginative. But the best thing about it is the propagation of inter-species relationships.Just kidding.Though, if you look at it, most kiddie books do that, even more than those porno for zoophilic people.