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The Wednesday Wars - Gary D. Schmidt No stars for you book! And don't you dare question my authority!This book is so sweet, I'm practically choking on its sweetness, in a good way. What I liked:EverythingWhat I loved:Holling and his friendsHolling and his sister"Did you find yourself?""What?" said my sister."Did you find yourself?""She found me," I said.This stuff is gold, guys. Molten, pure gold.What I didn't like:How everything sweet happened to everyone except Holling.But conversely, I also found this to be the best part of the book.The kids and the teacher in this book are so awesome. I can't believe this is all just seventh grade.I wonder what I was doing back then. Oh that's right- I was standing in punishment in the hall, and playing human chess on the back and white tiles. Not much seems to have changed. What a loser I am.......