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Another 365 Days - K.E. Payne This review also appears on my blog At the End of the Story.________________________________So this book is a sequel or something- just found out, when I got to reviewing. I thought something along the same lines when I was reading but whatever, probably not gonna pick that one.I guess, this book was alright despite the fact that I abandoned it. Actually, I was thinking of maybe giving it three or so stars while reading('cause that just happens ever since I joined GR- the rating bar creeps into my mind and I'm constantly evaluating the book) and I thought it was so-so. The book reminded me of [b:Confessions of Georgia Nicholson|15844201|Confessions of Georgia Nicholson Omnibus (Confessions of Georgia Nicholson, #1, #2, #3, #4)|Louise Rennison|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1353288182s/15844201.jpg|21586917]- if, you know, Georgie were seventeen, actually in love, irritating most of the time, lesbian, not-weird-crazy just teenager-crazy, angsty a lot. Not to say I didn't enjoy the main character- she was fun(?) but not relatable. I just kept laughing even when she went through break-up.It's not that this book infuriated or even offended me. I've slugged through worse books- I don't why. But this one was just not my cup of tea. Many people will probably like it but the character was too self-centered for me to continue much longer. It's not like I hat such characters- they make for a good laugh but one can only have so many self-obsessed people in their lives or books and that slot for me has been filled by Georgia. So it went to shit halfway through. And I just read the blurb- who the F is this mysterious and sexy J? (Yeah I just skimmed through the ARC and it's just another girl.)And the spelling errors and grammatical mistakes were too many to count. Also though, it read like a true teen's diary, the book just couldn't manage to pull it off. One thing I must say in favor is that I really liked the way that the author occasionally added her mood or emotion in one word with a hash after some paragraphs.Maybe I'll pick this book once again sometime to finish it but probably not in the near future. Many thanks to publishers for providing a copy through NetGalley.