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Something About You - Julie James this genre is so not my type, why am i even trying?why?but first things first. somebody get a nail and a hammer, we need to fix a plaque in my brain to remind me everytime that an fbi agent isn't a spy. my brain just doesn't compute that.secondly, this book had the word appellate. i thought i'd died and gone to hell. strangely, the other book i've read of hers, practice makes perfect, seemed to have skipped that one evil, nefarious, soul-sucking-demetorish compilation of letters. now you know why i liked that one much more. of course it had nothing to do with jd. thirdly, this one started out better. but some ways into the book, it started going downhill, with mushiness and lame agents. the characters' narration bored me, especially in the latter half. the subplot with the murder and everything was largely left to its own devices. the only pov i was interested in was the killer's and of course, that one never had proper resolution. fourthly, it's final, now! im going back to ya contemp romance.