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Finding Cassie Crazy - Jaclyn Moriarty My day started like this:I woke up(duh!(except I shouldn't duh considering you'd've had no reason to suspect that I'm not an insomniac)) to the sound of my personalized alarm clock- my mom, sorry didn't mean to talk about you that way but you kinda are, aren't you?-and I decided against taking a shower, as it had been barely seven hours since my last one. I got ready and all the shenanigans followed and ended with me parking my ass in my bus. Now, it might not seem like it considering my lethargic attitude as I settled down and threw my bag beside me so no one would even think of sitting beside me, and I slowly opened my bag after a bit of reflection to take out [b:Becoming Bindy Mackenzie](which is the next installment in this series, btw)- but I had a test today. A computer test. Now here's an enigma! What's up with these computer exams? All the while, we treat it like a subject with fuck-all to teach and mock the kids who prepare for it- until our time arrives and nobody even remembers the cracks made earlier.But back to the point. I considered my textbook peeking out of my bag and concluded that it had fuck-all to teach. I read Mackenzie, instead for a while until my friend arrived at my seat and I had to remove my bag. Course, she was studying alternately from her notes and the textbook, and I was trying not to get distracted. But she broke me down and with fifteen minutes to school, I began to revise and again, concluded that there was fuck-all to study.Arriving at school, I did ten minutes of mingling and hopping and annoying. Then, oh sweet, sweet(it's salty but I think you get the point) Mozzarella, it was forty-five minutes of grueling track practice, under the hot, heavy sun, because the gods are cruel as the teachers. Trufax. Blah, blah, blah, shit went down, our school uniform was locked in, keys were missing, didn't get to take a bath. Then it was first period and it was computer and I tried to study, but had Geog homework to finish and continued with that, until I saw that the comp kreacher was correcting he comp homework and I had yet to do that! So there I was writing and copying and finishing, and there she was, looming closer and darker over my head but what is that divine sound I'm hearing? Oh, it that the bell? Hallelujah! The gods must be alive and not cruel, after all! But fut-the-what?! I have already finished it and turns out mine and my partner's are the only assignments left to check, by luck, they said! BY LUCK, they said I had spent a good portion of my time that I could have spent reading Mackenzie(realize that I'm not gonna type out the whole name anytime soon)! By luck, it was that I happened to occupy in the backkest, corner-est seat! But I'll tell you something, it was not LUCK; it was schedule! The gods are, after all, smarmy, venomous creatures.And it's test-time. See. Our school likes to spring these tests on us at any time. It could be the physics period(mostly, it's been physics(even for physics test)) or the math but today, it happened to be hindi period. Thank the gods, after all! Or not, because the last time I gave a test in hindi period, I ended up writing my friend's name on my answer sheet.Turns out there was a little more than fuck-all to study.Over now. English period, turns out the 1000-word essay I had spent my entire Sunday afternoon on, on the most asinine of topics- hell I even included references to HP and Doctor Who, and quotes from [b:Jasper Jones|8407173|Jasper Jones|Craig Silvey|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1275886753s/8407173.jpg|6560290], Dumbledore and F. Scott Fitzgerald- could not be accepted as it was written on a Legal-size paper and they wanted A4 size. Goodbye, English, you've lost my faith; continue on with your speaking skill activity and see if I give a fish whilst sitting in most corner-est of seat and reading Mackenzie.Yada yada baba yaga, periods passed by, history teacher messed with my civis paper(he also teaches us civics) because he EXPECTS more, geog teacher fucked with geog papers because that's what she does, and FINALLY, I got read Mackenzie in a darkened room(ergo, straingin my eyes(my power may have increased))again as Mr No-name-I-remember showed us slides in math.Briefly:I got home, finished Mackenzie and thought, hmmm... should get on with this review.How does this now correlate to the review? Well, you see, this is MY year 10 and it's definitely not as awesome. Moreover, I felt really inadequate leaving this space with a tiny review or none at all. Nobody likes a stick in the mud. Not even the other sticks because the first one convinces them to procrastinate just a bit more and they PUT OFF ENTHUSIASM for a little more while. Also, I guess if I just wanted to ramble on, I should have reviewed Mackenzie since that was the one I finished today.But you see? This is not like my Year 10 at all. Should I say Australian and leave at that? Don't answer that, I don't need/want to know!This is aBrilliant book. Just BRILLIANT. Its brilliance is so brilliant, it blinds me with the intensity of Ali Baba's cave with its golds and bauble, it's so brilliant even Apollo ditches his sun-chariot in Shanghai, and goes off to seek extremely tensile and magical ropes from Hephaestus in the mad, never-to-come hopes that one day he'll be able to enslave this brilliance that is brilliant-er than any supernova that ever burst(I think supernovas are very bright- they are, right?). Even the ever-acknowledged all-mighty creator of tampons and Nutella admits that this is a far brilliant-er creation. It truly is.This Year 10 is awesome! There are three guys and three girls, and out of these six, on is not very great. The rest are epic and hilarious. It includes secret and non-secret correspondences, secret assignments, espionage, fake dating(which is real(but they pretend it isn't)), Seb Magenta, Lydia, trashing of school and a budding lawyer.I loved the humor and the slightly darker themes going on- with Lydia's problems and Cassie's depression. But my favorite part- apart from Lydia and Seb's letters- was the friendship and loyalty. How the two girls-especially Emily, would rise up and get aggressive defending Cassie. The characters' personalities were excellent and I adore them all-with one exception. I love that the way we were introduced with the girls and how they changed. They are all so witty and unconsciously stupid and cool, I just want moreSorry, had to go off there for what- one and a half hour! Obviously you wouldn't know that but I like to stay true to the spirit of the book I'm reviewing, and the characters here were fairly meticulous about their comings and goings. Finding Cassie Crazy is based in heart, mischief and the fun in being a teenager. This is the domain of [a:Jaclyn Moriarty|47290|Jaclyn Moriarty|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1199066598p2/47290.jpg] and she excels at it; she weaves triviality and honesty into delightful tapestries of glory and magic and occasional moments of humiliation.She is fun, fun, fun all round! She writes such humor, and her unique, unique, unique(in the hopes that thrice makes might) characters vibrate with liveliness! The multiple viewpoints were distinct and on the spot. I also love her way with words, how she controls it like a coachwoman with a hippocampus. It is engrossing as a train wreck(the magnitude, not the quality) and swooon-ful as a... someone swoonful? Now you should go and re-Did somebody say SEB FUCKING MANTEGNA? I'm sorry, but I gotta go- SOMEBODY JUST SAID SEB MMUMPHHH-------------- ftw