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Omens - Kelley Armstrong 3.5Although Omens sets out to be a mystery novel with a tantalizing hint of the supernatural and very little focus on the romance, I was more engrossed in those clues of creatures and magic unknown than following the breadcrumbs to the extremely human killer. However, I may be a teensy bit biased(just kidding, a lot) against lawyers, so maybe you should take my views on it with a pinch of salt. When you add to the mix my love for omens, well... poison's a-shaking and a-twisting.I love omens and superstitions. Particular ones, actually. What can I say? I'm a picky person; I like neither peas nor dogs. Anyways, since my barf days(I used to barf(a lot)), I've been adhering, even when I stopped believing in, to the more prudent of the kind. I've been circumspect as black cats crossed my paths and about stepping on cracks. My mother also taught me that swinging your legs and writing on walls diminishes the family income(although I mostly ignored these two(mostly)). Then there was the one where upturned shoes in a house make for stupid people. Damn, that one used to scare me good. I'd keep searching for shoes all over the house and believe you me, we've never been the tidiest of the families, not for lack of trying though. At the end of the day, we just weren't wired that way. Except my father. Oh boyee, he makes me clean my bookshelves! The anathema to him is my sister- but enough of my family antics. There was also that Monday's Child poem my sister and I used to consult as kids, and I would weep and cry and be jealous in general because I wasn't born on a Thursday. So yeah, my childhood? Big mess of magic and rules that were routinely broken. It was pretty damn awesome.Now you can imagine why I was given to like this book. But it isn't just for my fancies because Ms Armstrong does her supernatural real good, even when- especially when she's doing it subtly and silently with unseen shadows cast on the actual plot. And let me tell you, the paranormal aspect of Omens has me hooked in ways that the Otherworld books never managed. Moreover, the veg patty(I don't like meat or any other non-vegetarian stuff- takes me back to my barf days) of this McVeggie with extra cheese is Olivia Jones, an absolutely fantastic protagonist who can see omens.Now, Olivia Jones has a picture-perfect life, with a veeeerrrrrrry rich(the kind of rich that makes me hate certain persons before I correct myself because being anti-rich is as bad as being elitist)(see I'm trying to IMPROVE myself because I CAN be a better person and so I'm NOT going to hate filthy rich people or snigger with my sister at clips of rich people fucking up)- I think I lost the thread. Once again, without interruptions you lot! Sooo she is filthy rich and engaged to this fantastic guy until the day comes her fiancee fucks up their future and her mother destroys her history. Turns out she's the daughter of two serial killers, Pam and Todd Larsen.As in, to indicate in dark humor that there’s nothing like a bit of patricide and regicide to convince me of someone’s worth. Except there's nothing of that kind and my point's moot but whoever have you heard of giving up the chance to include Marchetta quotes and River Song gifs?[STOP INTERRUPTING PEOPLE!]In the fallout of the breakout of this information, Olivia's life has the temerity to fall further apart as her mother abandons her and she breaks off her engagement. Further on, she decides to go on into a kinda incognito mode and make her own living. There happens upon her Gabriel Walsh and she gets involved with her biological mother who, along with memories of a blissful toddler-hood, plant the seed of doubts in her mind and conscience that maybe, a little butterfly baby* maybe, they are innocent.*In the universe of maybe's, butterflies come out of flower petals as butterflies and don't phase through larva and caterpillar. Because those are just disgusting. Unless you're the one feeding a caterpillar, then it gives off some cuteness aura and you, my friend, are struck blind!Now come hunts and documents and secrets! But the mystery solved and culprits found are actually part of a bigger plot to be unraveled further on in the series. In this first phase, there are lots of file-reading and questioning, and perhaps that's the reason why I wasn't the least bit interested. Even as the whole picture was hesitantly unfolded, I was more eager for mushrooms and poppies and ravens and crows, and dialogues. Did I mention Olivia is a good narrator? She keeps up the humor and I loved it when she conversed with others, not just Gabriel. Hence, I guess I've fallen more in love with the potential of what Armstrong may bring yet, not really the product itself.*excuse us for a moment; internal monologue going on*But guess again, meself! Remember that as soon as I finished Omens, you wanted to jump in again and not come out. You even thought of trying to sleep because those few moments of partial lucidity before sleep are when you feel books around ourself the most. Did you forget so soon, meself? You are fickle! Let me arrange my thoughts so you talk in proper persons and bring back how fantastic this book made you feel.Is it fixed? Yep, I think it is. My mind is arranged./finYou're welcome. You, as in you, the reader, not my fictional other half-self.Yay for another useless River Song gif. On a scale of watching-my-brother-play-air-guitar to raindancing(which I discovered earlier in the day with the aforementioned creature is abso-fucking-lutely brilliant and it even works!), Omens made me feel good to the point of 7.99995. So I'd recommend it for rainy day readers or bored readers or readers with a fetish for mushrooms*. The second installment is titled Visions but despite that, I WILL read it and soon(as soon as it comes out, which may be a while).*A strangely perfect circle of glowing white mushrooms appeared out of the blue around one of our plants a few weeks ago and we JUST HAD THEM DUG OUT! AND NOW WE ARE DOOMED TO MISFORTUNE AND EARLY DEATH! BEWARE READERS, IF ANY SUCH PHENOMENON EVER OCCURS IN YOUR GARDEN, IGNORE IT! YOU SHOULDN'T HARM THEM NOR DANCE WITH THEM! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!Cross-posted on Books behind Dam{n}s