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Boy Nobody - Allen Zadoff Well color me whatever you want. Blue, gray, pink or black(personally I wouldn't mind a bit of lilac right now but I see how tough that can be so here's a suggestion: go with various hues of blue with yellow spots(yep i look like a total avatar ripoff with a few modifications)).Practically everyone's loved this book and I can see why. Dude's an assassin and he actually acts and thinks like an assassin. But I suppose I prefer the fake, not-really assassins type. Or maybe they are the more 'fun' variety of assassins. That said, I always thought reading a book from a 'true' assassin's perspective would be like the most awesome thing ever, but trying to read more than 30% of Boy Nobody has just made me bleak and folks, I don't do bleak. Assassination is fun no more, I am sad to admit. My parents would be so proud of me if they knew. :PWell, I'm gone and don't expect me to be back anytime soon.