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The Demon Girl  - Penelope Fletcher MUch-shuck, how old was I when I tried to read this one? Maybe 12? That was a loooong while ago and even my pre-teen, therefore by default, extremely lame, brain found this one tres horrible. I remeber liking all these quotes at the beginning of the chapters, and sometimes the imagery was pretty(that's what I remember; it'll probably be sparkly now), but the overall story was too crappy, and it was also one of the first love-triangles I'd read, and I detested it.The MC and her special-snowflake-treated-as-a-pariah-shit bugged me all kinds of wrong ways. The vampy guy was at least better than the fairy guy- ugh, he was so goddamn you're mine, we're destined, and I just wanted to bash him in the all the inappropriate places.This was probably the first book I hated. Whoa, guys this is the important stuff they leave out in history classes. The recent history, the history being made. What do you think, a couple years from now, when you're giving tests or taking part in trivia or those quiz shows or even trying to cozy up to someone, knowing about Atila or Forest Policies or New Earswick or Ebenezer Howard is gonna help you? Or will it be me and my reviews and my posts that's gonna help you reach you endgoal? Stay tuned in to my frequency, folks, and you will have a shot at a better lifestyle. Trufax. (Hint: The history two years from now will be my days of today. I will monopolize history, just you wait)