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Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell Cross-posted on Books behind Dam{n}sLitmus test(s) time!1.Look at that cover. Look at those the two budding couples? Do you ship them? Which one?a)bothb)the guy and the girlc)the guy and the guyd)I'd rather you just get to the reviewIf you answer is a, you're most certainly not equipped to make decisions! Go on again and make a choice!If your answer is b, move onto further questions. Iz gotta mold you to perfection!If your answer is c, your body is ready Fangirl! Carry one, my wayward son(and daughter).If your answer is d, that ain't how it works. 2.Do you like to fangirl/boy?a)Duhb)this is a lame questionc)I'm getting thered)you are lameIf you answer is a, you gotta read this goddamn book. Duh.If your answer is b, I know, my friend but do you? Go back and answer.If your answer is c, Oh, yes you are! The destination is on the horizon; strain yours eyes and you'll find that lovely blot of...turquoise, right? Just one more question for you. If your answer is d, no, you are.3.Can you touch the tip of your nose with your tongue?a)Duhb)I'd like to but I physically can't.c)I haven't before but for Fangirl(and you), I'll try.d)that is disgusting.If you answer is a, you gotta read this goddamn book. Duh.If your answer is b, go get it fixed with all those surgeries and then come back. If your answer is c, the fact that you're even trying is commendable. Now practice until your tongue tears out and then read Fangirl.If your answer is d, no, you are.(You d ones make me so laconic. I hate it.)Anyways, who needs a real review after that. But here's why I personally loved Fangirl:*It reinvigorated my interest in writing fanfic, and writing in general.*Cath's personality got to me, and while not perfect, she was an awesome person. I could connect to her on so many levels, even though I've never had any kind fear about exposing my fangirl side to the world.*Cath's tumultuous relationship with her twin sister and her feeling of estrangement poked at my heartstrings. Their gradual drifting apart and her dislike of the particular phenomenon were my favorite aspects of the book. And jeez, her father I have liked very much.*Magicath- Cath's fanfic avatar. Her fanfic has created a mighty need in me. I don't even want to read the actual Simon Snow books as much as I want to read Cath's pieces of writing.*Simon and Baz! I ship 'em! Simon is very much like Harry Potter and Baz is our very own Draco Malfoy with fangs. Yet, I love this OTP because they were also different and besides, which one of us hasn't shipped Drarry at any point in the series or since?(Psst, those who haven't, keep it to yourself, 'kay?)*Brilliant roommate, she has her. “I feel sorry for you, and I’m going to be your friend.”“I don’t want to be your friend,” Cath said as sternly as she could. “I like that we’re not friends.”“Me, too,” Reagan said. “I’m sorry you ruined it by being so pathetic.”*The romance. It was sweet and sometimes made me wonder if I would need to curb my snarfing down Nutella for the next few days, but no worries, my pancreas are working overtime. I liked that her new experiences with love and all the ensuing jazz weren't the only thing that helped her along, and that it didn't take the spotlight.There were a couple if things that didn't sit well with me. A lot of issues, especially mommy ones, were not settled. I get that's it's a slice of life(phrase I have loved) book and not everything always works out in life, but then it's also a coming of age(phrase I have hated) novel and it needs resolution on most topics. There was also TOO FUCKING MUCH going on in her life, all the bloody time. Way too much. My inner demons may argue that's probably why I enjoyed it so much but demons are prone to devilry(demon-ry?) and you shouldn't listen to them.Sometimes, it also seemed like Cath was looking down on us all. I gotta say I didn't care much for that. On the other hand, I easily forgave her because who said she needed to be a polished gem? Her enthusiasm for Simon Snow and fandoms redeemed her every which way in my eyes. Guess it need not be said but take the test, read the book whether you pass or not, because people are different and you shouldn't judge them for that(or so says the book)(and me). Also this is the disclaimer in case you fail the test and like the book or alternatively, pass and dislike the book. Don't hold me liable for anything. Anywho, my love for you guys knows no bounds!