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Zenn Scarlett - Christian Schoon 2.5One white dove-y carries my pearl,Two little dove-y's carry my pearls,Third little dove-y,Is that gold?Fuck, just shoot this birdie down!But stupid, useless stupid gunYou leave the birdie hurt?A Week in the Daily Life of Zenn Scarlett.Day 1: Here's an alien animal. Watch me screw it up. Here's an animal. Watch me watch in wonder. Here's a guy. Watch me ignore him because he could be a possible friend. Obsess over the Rule. Thou shalt not make any friend because thou are extremely stupideth.So, could Liam Tucker be added to the list of people actually worth talking to? Zenn was skeptical, but told herselfto try to keep an open mind. Day 2:Here's an alien animal. Watch me screw it up. Here's an animal. Watch me watch in wonder. Watch me watch the animal attack. Watch me not use the gun in my hands. Watch me use my mojo.Day 3:Here's an Earther animal. Watch me not screw it up. Yay! Watch me obsess over the guy and the Rule. Watch me thinking about possible conspiracies and sit tight.Day 4:Watch me obsess.Day 5:Watch me finally taking some action. Watch me obsess over the Rule. Watch me screw up an alien animal.Day 6:Watch me do something. Watch me be stupid/susceptible/ignorant/pliable. Watch me go to sleep when I should be raising hell. Day 7:Watch me still not raise a hell. Watch me obsess over the Rule. Watch me saving the day and an alien animal. Woo hoo! The Week Ends [b:Zenn Scarlett|16071885|Zenn Scarlett|Christian Schoon|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1360336818s/16071885.jpg|21865891] had potential. Still does. But in book one, at least, it was left dormant due to poor character and lack of any kind of plot, engaging or otherwise.The blurb says:Now, with the help of Liam and Hamish, an eight-foot sentient insectoid also training at the clinic, Zenn must learn what's happened to her father, solve the mystery of who, if anyone, is sabotaging the cloister, and determine if she's actually sensing the consciousness of her alien patients... or just losing her mind.But I think there was some mix-up. this should have been the blurb for the next book.Which of these mysteries was exactly solved or even explored in this book? Precisely one. And when exactly did she employ Liam's help? Never. And everything else is left to the posterity.The world of this book is indeed unique, but you know, I think it could have worked very well as a fantasy setting. It is all very well and compact but the endless barrage of weird names seem akin to a high-fantasy novel. And the bit of physics the book employs could have very well been explained away as magic mojo. Plus, the little history provided doesn't fill in all the gaps. How did the humans first arrive on Mars? Was it because earth was overcrowded? Was it due to lack of resources? And what about the other planets humans are staying on? Doesn't it conflict with the Earther humans' apparent hatred of aliens?But still, this is the only aspect of the book that somewhat interesting. The rest of it just falls flat and the story/action starts about 70-something% into the book. Before that, it is all raining info dump. Info dump though useless conversations, info dump through accidental yet opportune peeping. It's an info-dump fest all around.The MC is unrealistic, unrecognizable and not someone you could get a feel of. In order to sympathize with a character, the reader has to be inside the MC's mind, be it in third person or first. Yet, Zenn is kept light years away from us and we are simply the spectators who are kept in redundant ignorance.The book also tries to take on deeper topic, like from an alien's perspective, you are the alien and the whole shebang of how one shouldn't base their actions on myths and rumors but conclusive proof and how it could be very injurious to the community of living beings. It all pancakes.Plus, the book being overly descriptive when it comes to animals doesn't do it any favors. I felt like glossing over most of it. Coupled with its long, sinewy neck, the raff’s body configuration gave it the incongruous look of an Earther camelid of some sort but outfitted with the immense hind legs and tinyforearms of a tyrannosaurus rex. But besides being clearly mammalian, the... Here's how I read it:Blah-blah-blabbity-blah, ooh lean neck(like a giraffe?), blah-blan-blah, dinosaur-like, wonder how big their dumps were? from what appendage did they pee? and how did they engage in coitus? blah-blah. mammal. blah it's over!Well, at least, it restored my faith in my pseudo-intellectuality. I could see those culprits coming from light years away. A copy was provided by the publishers for reviewing purposes.Cross-posted on Books behind Dam{n}s