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The Diviners

The Diviners - Libba Bray My reaction after finishing the book: Oh My Diviners! I lurvv this book! I AM COMPLETE. I AM WHOLE. I FOUND THE MISSING PIECE OF MY SOUL .......JJKJRGJEW;KGLJ;RTHKFDSJKJGVNKDLJV;/EOR- WHEN IS THE NEXT BOOK COMING OUT-B,JS.I;VNHJKDFSGBJKELJDNJFDN-WHEN?!?!?!?- I AM NOT WHOLE. I AM INCOMPLETE. WHERE IS THE OTHER PART OF MY SOUL. WHAT LIBBA BRAY IS WITHOLDING IT FROM ME???!!!!!!A few millennia later: Rampaging through my house like a horde(is it horde or something else) of elephants. Millions of eons later: Floating on my sister's shoulders and annoying her to death by jabbering on and on about the part of my soul I recovered. This is my second [a:Libba Bray|2526|Libba Bray|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1206563678p2/2526.jpg] book. The first one was [b:Going Bovine|6512140|Going Bovine|Libba Bray|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320391025s/6512140.jpg|4733312] which is completely different form this one and can't even be compared with this one in terms of penmanship.I never imagined I would want to live in a book that was set in a world before the 21st century mainly because of all the wars and sexism and lack of technology that prevailed in the early cave-man days. But [b:The Diviners|7728889|The Diviners (The Diviners, #1)|Libba Bray|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1336424966s/7728889.jpg|10501517] completely altered my view of those days. Well, at least of the early 20th century. I love books in alternate worlds or timelines wherein the authors actually research beyond Wikipedia(Yes, I'm talking about you [a:Cassandra Clare|150038|Cassandra Clare|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1270502031p2/150038.jpg]). Reading this book, i could see how much effort was put into research. The whole atmosphere of the book made me feel as though I were really living in the Old New York. I loved the slang, I loved the lack of technology, I loved the fact that radios were considered a rage, I loved those lyrics of the song of the Olden-not-so-Golden times. But most of all, I loved the characters, including, but not limited to Evie O'Neill, Theta Knight( I wish this were my name), Sam Loyd and a particularly irksome reporter. Also, I loved the character development that takes place throughout the novel. You can almost, but not quite for it is that seamless, feel Evie turning into a sort-of mature person from the careless girl she was in the beginning. Another factor I loved was that this book actually managed to scare me. I am not easily scared unless it's dogs, bees or The Woman In Black .Oh, Ms. Bray, this is your last warning. Heed it and all shall be well and right and proper in the world. Heed it not, and I assure that the world as we know it will be thrown asunder. And I'll be the Devil roasting your entrails and lathering it with jelly squeezed from your eyeballs and dining like world be damned (which it will be). And I'm a vegetarian. Think about that.But, I digress. I lurrrved this book and I lurv you, Libba Bray. And i lurv my computer and Charles Babbage and I lurv people and I lurv pigs and I lurv Naughty John and I lurv The Woman In Black and I lurv all........... except dogs and bees!!!!!!!!:) I am the jackpot of lurv people. I have so much of it right now, I am overflowing, I am about to burst-AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh