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Fractured Light

Fractured Light - Rachel McClellan Bleh! What was I thinking, picking up a book with such a cover?!?! Do you see her? She look like she is trying very hard to get that look of Alice when she gets her first look of Wonderland. And failing miserably. I just can't believe I spent 5 hrs of my life slogging through this book. Yes, five freakin' hours and I abandoned it halfway through.So basically, there's some Vykens and Lights and Vykens kill Lights because they are just so evil that the goodness of Light hurts them and if they drink the blood of the L's, they'd become super powerful and what-not. I don't give a shit anymore. It's just the plain, old, recycled formula that most of the authors seem to be following in the YA industry. Originality = Zilch.And the characters are just so whiny and bratty. Now, some might say because teenagers are like that. I will probably rip that person in half and skewer them for dinner. I am a teenager; I know. The protagonist has a serious case of bipolar disorder- One second- I have no friends, I am so lonely.Next- Oh, it's so great being the social butterfly- oh hi, Mark-somethin-or-other! Oh Tina let's go shopping- of course I'll come to the meet, Matt!One second- I'll stay away from CristinaChristian. He's distracting me form my survival.Next- sure, why not? let's go to that somethink-hilly-type(can't recall) where I can't possibly walk and you'll carry me on your back.Seriously. That's the way Llona(apparently pronounced Eona but don't do that in front of her; only her parents can call her the right way) works. And all her conversations are so forced and it seems, so far as I've read, that her so-called friends are just there to tell her about how great she'll do in the future or for shopping. Not much important.Then there's the love life. Ooh, it's traipsing on a very thin between insta-attraction and insta-love. And CristinaChristian is such a sissy! How are we supposed to melt for him. I just want to point at him and do a chicken-dance to the tunes of Loser by Beck.and look, I just wasted another half-hour or something writing this review. But this time, it was worth it- I needed to rant!P.S. I picked up this book because I accidentally requested the sequel on NetGalley and got approved. So I thought I might give it a try.