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Saga, Vol. 2

Saga, Volume 2 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples Volume 2 isn't as interesting or fun as Volume 1. It's till kick-ass in its own right but let's not make comparisons.It's disgusting-creepy-weird now, no funny-weird's anymore. I suppose the cache's already run out.The dialogue is adorable as ever, though:Hiya, Mama Cellulite. Care to guess how you're about to die?The art, in accordance with the weird, has lots its charming but still retains the cool.More characters are introduced, and the old ones grow truer to their stories.A few of the sub-plots from Vol 1 come full circle and yet more are incepted.What I love best of all, though, about this series is so much cool stuff happens and you don't even realize it until you take a look at the overview. I'll stick on for the next installments, which I hope will bring more of hilarious-disgusting-weird. Like thisOr (even worse or better) this: